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Bombay Picnic Spot in Gagret

Bombay Picnic Spot
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Established around over two decades ago, the Bombay Picnic Spot has emerged as a great tourist destination for people visiting Gagret and the other neighboring places in the district of Una. It is situated at a distance of around 10 kilometres from Gagret and on the way to Dharamshala and constitutes of a hotel cum restaurant and an amusement park, all of which serve as a lovely one day picnic destination. The location of this hotel helps it to serve the tourists and pilgrims on their way to the most revered temples and different sightseeing places in Himachal Pradesh. Encompassed by fresh and lush greenery on all sides, the Bombay Picnic Spot has a clean and green garden area which is ideal for picnics in the mountains and a lake where boating can also be done. In addition to all this, it also has a small amusement park with a variety of different rides for kids of all ages.


The Bombay Picnic Spot in Gagret is on the way to the famous Mata Chintpurni Temple and is approximately at a distance of 13 kilometres from this revered temple spot. As a result, it serves as a great stopping point for the people travelling to the temple from Gagret. The owners and the management team of this place strive to provide the best services to its guests, be it people who come for one day picnics, people who stop by their way on to other places in Una or for tourists constituting of families and school and college groups who come in for a few days for short holiday breaks away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Garden areas in the Bombay Picnic Spot

The special attractions of the Bombay Picnic Spot include green and beautiful parks and surrounding areas, a hotel cum restaurant cum garden area cum amusement park, joy rides and boating facilities, delicious and lip-smacking vegetarian food, affordable prices, accommodation of up to sixty to seventy people on twin sharing basis, ample space for car parking for more than one hundred vehicles around the campus free of cost and special arrangements can also be made with respect to transportation and sightseeing purposes for group tours, college tours and school picnic tours. The Bombay Picnic Spot has been created to cater to the needs and the tastes of tourists of all age groups and provides excellent services at economical prices to provide wholesome entertainment for the full family. 

The hotel in the Bombay Picnic Spot in Gagret has comfortable and well-furnished rooms with luxurious and plush interiors that can help in making the stay of the tourists a memorable experience like a home away from a home where they can relax among the high mountains and the green forests and enjoy the best of the services. The hotel has recently redecorated their premises and has 21 rooms which can accommodate around 50 people. All the rooms are on a twin-sharing basis except for two rooms which can accommodate four people each.

Hotel in Bombay Picnic Spot

The campus of this place also has plenty of space for safe and secure parking of around more than one hundred cars completely devoid of any extra charges. The tariff of the air conditioned rooms in the hotel at the Bombay Picnic Spot varies from INR 990 to INR 2490 and an extra charge of 10% is also charged to the guests on account of luxury tax. Facilities are also provided to accommodate more people in a twin-sharing room and each extra person is required to pay an additional amount of INR 150. In the event of group tours with school and college students, the hotel can also make the required arrangements to accommodate up to 60 – 70 people.

The Bombay Picnic Spot near Gagret

The garden areas at the Bombay Picnic Spot are the ideal spaces to have a picnic with your family and friends. The green spaces along with the pleasant weather in the mountains makes for a great one day outing where you can just relax in the midst of nature’s lap, play games and feel the freedom of getting away from the tussle of hectic urban everyday lives. One additional advantage of having a picnic in the Bombay Picnic Spot is that people can bring the food and the snacks according to their choice and it is not necessary to buy them from the restaurant.

However, for people striving towards a fully relaxing experience and trying to avoid the hassles of cooking and getting your own food, there is also a nice restaurant in the premises of the Bombay Picnic Spot near Gagret that serves delicious vegetarian food at highly economical prices. The restaurant is a very good stopping point for pilgrims visiting the Chintpurni Mata Mandir near Gagret as well as other religious sites. Keeping in mind the values and the beliefs of the devotees, the restaurant serves a pure vegetarian fare that is fresh and prepared in the most hygienic way. People can find a variety of snacks and different items in the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus along with hot and cold beverages like tea, coffee and cold drinks.


During meal hours, the restaurant at the Bombay Picnic Spot near Gagret serves lunch and dinner in a buffet style with a variety of different delicious dishes at a reasonable price of INR 99 which is exclusive of 5% VAT charges. No charges are levied on children below 3 years of age and for kids from the ages of 3 to 10 years, a meagre charge of INR 40 is taken for the buffet lunch and dinner services. Full charges are applicable for children above 10 years of age and all entries to the buffet are regulated by coupons. The restaurant also has a ready made seating arrangement for up to 40 persons during the lunch and the dinner buffets and special arrangements can be made in the lawn or the shade as well depending upon the seasonal changes.

A breakfast menu costing around INR 75 is also on the restaurant specialties which is served from 8 AM to 12 noon. A variety of delicacies in the main course, snacks, desserts and beverages like Dal Fry, Malai Kofta, Kadhai Paneer, Mix Vegetables, Dahi Bhalla, Mix Raita, Salad, Vegetable Pulao, Plain Roti, Butter Naan, Amritsari Kulcha, Rabri, Jalebi, Masala Dosa, Vegetable Noodles, Burger, Chana Bhatura, Shikanji, Poori Bhaji, Kulfi, Softy and many other such delectable dishes are also available in this restaurant at very nominal prices. However, alcohol and other hard drinks and intoxicants are strictly prohibited inside the entire premises of the Bombay Picnic Spot. The management and the staff of this place are very attentive to the guests as well and cater to all their needs and requirements.

Amusement Park

In addition to all of this, a mini amusement park is also located inside the campus of the Bombay Picnic Spot near Gagret which houses a lot of rides for the kids and games and boating services for the adults which provide total entertainment for children and their families alike. Several rides and games for kids like the Mary Cup, the Columbus Swinger, the Baby Train and the Gun Shooting are highly enjoyed by them as well as by their parents making this spot the best location to have picnics and get-togethers. The charges for these rides are extremely nominal and are as follows:

Boating: INR 15 per person
Columbus Swinger: INR 15 per person
Mary Cup: INR 15 per person
Baby Train: INR 10 per person
Gun shooting for 5 shots: INR 5 per person

Thus, the Bombay Picnic Spot near Gagret is a fun place where tourists and visitors can go and spend the day on their visit to Gagret and have a truly memorable experience!

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